Prints & Templates

Conditions for acceptance into the production of graphic materials:

All graphics should be in distilled PDF format !!!
–> Standard: PDF/X–1a
–> Output profile: FOGRA39 (CMYK) –> J CARD graphics should be WITH bleed area!
–> Adhesive labels should be WITH bleed area around + inside each label! NOT around the document
–> Send data to our email address via any of the public data repositories

If you can not meet these requirements, please send all the source files. –> files in layers + pictures (psd, jpg, png …) + fonts (OTF, TTF, …)

Guidelines for processing graphic data:
–> Image resolution should be at least 300 dpi – But 400 dpi recommended
–> Raster (pictures) and vector (curves) objects in the CMYK color model (do not use RGB)
–> Leave at least 3 mm bleed
–> Outline all texts
–> Auxiliary guidelines leave in separate layer
–> Do not use transparency
–> All vector objects leave as a vector (do not rasterize them)
–> Place text or logos at least 3 mm from the edge; for this zone there is a danger of cropping
–> Texts in small sizes (<5pts) and also narrow fonts may not be printed correctly

1/0  One-sided black and white print
1/1  Duplex black and white print
4/1  Duplex print (one side in color, other black)
4/4  Duplex color print

Templates for your graphics

J card – 3 panelspdf / idml / indd

J card – 4 panelspdf / idml / indd

J card – 5 panelspdf / idml / indd

J card – 6 panelspdf / idml / indd

J card – 7 panelspdf / idml / indd

Double J card – 3 panelspdf / idml / indd

Double J card – 4 panelspdf / idml / indd double4

On-Body printing + Adhesive Labels printing (for sending the print files to HDT)pdf / idml / indd

Adhesive DIY labels (ONLY for homemade printing, please don’t use this template for sending the files to us!)pdf / indd