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Our Terms & Conditions

Returns & Refund Policy

In circumstances where a refund has been agreed, we will return the original payment usually by the same method it was first made. If this is not available we would issue a cheque. Refunds by paypal after 60 days may have the original paypal charges deducted. For Europe and Worldwide customers if the refund payment cannot be made by paypal then a bank transfer can be set up. Most refunds once agreed will be completed with 1 working day.

Any goods received which are deemed to be faulty or damaged will be refunded, replaced or exchanged. In circumstances where the fault is ours we will organise the return shipping and costs unless we decided to replace or refund without the need to return goods (for example where there is evidence of damage in transit, photos may be required)

Cancellations: any order placed and not yet in progress can be cancelled or altered as long as we receive instructions in time. Once an order in underway you may still be able to cancel or alter depending on the requirements and type of order but again you will need to contact us as soon as possible. We will always work with you in these situations and can most often reach a compromise. For example if you realise you have ordered the wrong length of tapes and they haven’t been despatched then it may be possible for us to stock these or have other orders pending for the same item. Once items have been despatched it would be difficult to cancel or alter an order but again we would work with you to keep any costs to a minimum for resolving the problem.

Technical specifications and guaranty of manufacturing process

Speed stability: 0,1%
Wow & flutter: 0.2%
Frequency response: ±2,5 dB
Distortion: 0,2%
Channel loudness difference: 1,5 dB